Fight For Glory

Eternity is a free to play blockchain game where you can earn ETH rewards from staking your GLORY tokens. Invite your friends and play for free now.

Hodlers earning right now

Why would I want Glory?

glory token

People play, you earn

Glory holders ean a portion of every purchase made in Eternity's store. Glory investors earn as more players are onboarded.

Staking for returns

Glory can be staked on our official pools to earn a return. Additionally, stakers may receive in-game benefits like buffs and loot bonuses.

Take part in the community

Glory is the token used to vote on in-game matters relating to the story and the world of Eternity.

Play Eternity right now!

play eternity on mobile and desktopplay eternity on mobile and desktopplay eternity on mobile and desktop

12,000 Accounts Created

70,000 quests attempted by players.

Play with your friends, or against them!

Co-op with in-game chat. PVP comming soon™

Innovative blockchain Sync/De-Sync for NFTs

Transfer your NFTs from chain to chain anytime.

3 Blockchains supported

Ethereum, Polygon and Avalanche.